Viva Restaurant and Entertainment Venue, Torquay

What We Did

Restaurant Bar and Game Zone Flooring In Torquay

In the bustling heart of Torquay Harbour, Viva Restaurant, Bar, and Games Zone has emerged as a dazzling beacon of modernity and tradition. This venue, which has evolved from a simple Fish & Chip shop with a nightclub above, is now a prime example of architectural transformation at its best.

The project’s ambition was clear from the start: to breathe new life into an old building, transforming it into a contemporary Street Food Restaurant on the ground floor, with an exciting Games Zone above. The goal was to blend the owner’s vision with practicality, all while keeping a close eye on budget constraints.

Floor Leveling, Herringbone LVT and Wall Cladding

The transformation process started on the ground floor. Here, the team employed Tremco Primer and SX600NA to level the surface, followed by the installation of Altro Whiterock Vantage® Wall Cladding and Altro XpressLay. This combination resulted in a stylish, functional kitchen that perfectly marries efficiency with aesthetic appeal.

In the Front of House area, a striking change was evident. The installation of TLC Massimo Herringbone Plank flooring added a rustic yet refined touch, seamlessly connecting different levels of the venue. The old flooring was replaced with 150m2 of elegant herringbone, adding a timeless charm to the space.

Striking Zig Zag Flooring and LED nosings

The journey continued upstairs in the Games Zone, an area spanning some 500m2. Here, the task was to infuse a fresh, striped design without disturbing the existing flooring. The solution was found in the IVC XtraFloor Flex Pro underlay, which laid the groundwork for the captivating IVC Roots 55 design. This area was further enhanced with Genesis NSL15 nosings and atmospheric LED lighting, surpassing the owner’s original vision.

Safety Flooring in Funky Colours

Adding a fun twist, the karaoke booths were decked out in 30m2 of Pink IVC Optimise 70 acoustic vinyl, contributing to the lively club ambiance.

The middle floor of the venue underwent its own unique transformation. Initially envisioned as a simple space, it was later decided to infuse it with more vibrancy. This was achieved with 150m2 of IVC iSafe 70 Colours in Mustard, creating a striking, safe, and stylish environment for darts and axe-throwing activities.

After three months of dedicated effort, the project reached completion on time and within budget, standing as a testament to the diverse skills and expertise of the team involved. From the foundational Tremco primers to the elegant Altro finishes, and from the innovative IVC solutions to the traditional TLC touches, every element played a crucial role in this renovation symphony.

Today, Viva Restaurant, Bar, and Games Zone is not just a building; it’s a narrative of transformation and revival. Each floor tells the story of a once tired structure, now reborn as a center of culinary excellence and entertainment, showcasing the incredible power of thoughtful design and masterful craftsmanship.

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