Caring for your Karndean LVT Flooring

You are the proud owner of an elegant and hardwearing LVT floor from Karndean.

Now, “how do I go about taking care of my new flooring” we hear you say?

Read on for our top tips for caring for your Karndean Design Flooring…

    1. To avoid bringing in unwanted dirt, use a good quality, non rubber backed entrance mat. Remember to keep the mat well maintained and clean otherwise it can lose its effectiveness. In wet weather you may need to add extra matting to keep your floor safe and dry.
    2. Avoid using rubber castors, mats or floor protectors, as rubber can stain Karndean flooring.
    3. To protect your floor from scratching use felt or cloth pads under furniture. For heavier items Karndean recommends Magiglide. Avoid dragging furniture as this can cause surface scratching.
    4. Clean up any spills as soon as possible as some liquids like wine can stain.  Watch out for pollen from flowers like lilies too.
    5. Regularly clean the floor with a soft brush or damp mop.  Don’t use steam mops, bleach or solvents to clean your floor, use a PH neutral cleaner like Karndean Clean.
Mopping a Karndean LVT Flooring prior to cleaning with Karndean Care Kit

Instructions for using Karndean Clean 

Here are the instructions for using Karndean Clean:

  • Remove any dust or debris from your floor.
  • Prepare the Karndean Clean solution, diluting as per the instruction on the bottle. 
  • Apply the solution liberally over the entire floor using a clean mop.
    Soak up the solution using a damp mop and leave it to dry.
  • Thoroughly clean the mop with cold running water.
  • If you do have stubborn stains, spot clean using undiluted Karndean Clean or Karndean Remove.
  • If you wish to vacuum your floor, please check your vacuum manufacturer instructions and guidance on cleaning floors as some hoovers will not be recommended. 
Apply Refresh to clean your Karndean floor
Care for your Karndean floor

Deep Clean using Karndean’s 3 step, Clean, Remove and Refresh system

Your Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles should last you for years, in fact they are guaranteed to last a lifetime.  However, we know that life happens – you need to live in your home, and it’s not a showhome!  So if, after a while, it starts to look a little tired and grubby we suggest giving your Karndean flooring a deep clean using Karndean’s 3 step, Clean, Remove and Refresh system.

In order to complete your Refresh you need to follow these steps:

  • Remove any dust or debris from your floor.
  • Remove mats and any free standing objects from the floor.
  • Mix the Karndean Remove solution as per the instruction on the bottle. Always wear protective gloves when using this product.
  • Apply the Karndean Remove cleaning solution to the floor using a clean mop, working in an area no larger than 5m x 5m (16’ x 16’) at a time. 
  • Leave the solution on the floor for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Be careful not to allow Karndean Remove to dry on the floor.
  • Scrub the floor using a white scrubbing Remove pad fitted to the end of an applicator.
  • Next, the Karndean Remove needs to be taken off.
  • Remove all the residue and rinse the floor with a wet mop or wet vac
  • After the floor has dried, check all residue has been removed.
  • Clean the mops and other equipment with clean, cold running water. 
  • Next you can apply Karndean Refresh, creating a satin finish to your floor.  This also helps protect it from marks and fine scratches.
  • When using Karndean Refresh, avoid, where possible, strong sunlight and draughts and ensure all under floor heating is switched off before starting work.
  • Also, before you start, make sure the floor is completely dry and free of all traces of Karndean Remove.
  • Using a soft, lint free applicator pad spread a thin and even layer of undiluted Karndean Refresh onto the floor, in a widthways direction.
  • Leave this layer to dry for approximately 30 minutes, then repeat the process lengthways.
  • Rinse the pad thoroughly after use and leave the floor to dry for approximately 6 hours or preferably overnight.

Contact Us For Karndean Cleaning Kits

You can purchase a kit from us that includes all you need to complete a complete refresh of your Karndean floor. 

For commercial customers, or those who have large areas to maintain, we are also able to provide a service where we carry out the Refresh for you – please contact us for a quote.

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